Cherry Releases MW4500, A New Wireless Mouse For Left-Hand Users

Today Cherry has released a new wireless mouse dedicated to left-hand users, the MW 4500 LEFT. The MW 4500’s LEFT ergonomic design and useful features not only provide relief from wrist pain but also allow efficient use of the mouse. Due to the mouse’s shape, the user’s hands lie at a 45-degree angle which results in a natural poster and prevents joint and tendon problems.

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The CHERRY MW 4500 LEFT operates on a precise optical sensor that has three different settings, 600, 900, and 1,200 DPI. It also has six keys available for input, and two of them are on the side, which allows the user to navigate through their thumbs. You can modify the right/left click function of the main keys.

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The MW 4500 LEFT uses a nano-USB receiver (housed in the bottom of the mouse) to communicate with the computer. A LED is also integrated at the bottom edge to show the battery levels.

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The Cherry MW 4500 LEFT can be purchased through official distributors for a price tag of $37.00.

Via Cherry