ARM Unveils Cortex-A12 Processor For Smartphones

When it comes to processor makers we all know Intel is the kind when it comes to desktop processors, but when it comes to the processors you will find in your mobile devices like smartphones ARM rules the game. They have just announced their latest Cortex-A12 processor which they say is “a generation ahead of Intel’s Atom”.

ARM Cortex-A12

The Cortex-A12 features a Mali-T622 GPU and a Mali-V500 which is a multi-core video chip that helps with encoding/decoding higher-resolution content. The Cortex-A12 will offer 40% more performance than the Cortex-A9 and does a better job handling big.LITTLE processing, home networking and virtualilization. The Mali GPU will be more power efficient offering 50% power saving over the previous Mali-T600 series GPUs.

ARM expects devices using their new Cortex A-12 to hit the market the middle of next year.

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Source: ARM | News Archive

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