Crucial Announces new Ballistix Sport Memory

We have not heard much from Crucial lately, but they do have some good announcements coming out of Computex this week. They have announced new additions to their Ballistix performance memory product family. These new additions include Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3 memory kits and Crucial Ballistix Sport SODIMMs.

Crucial Ballistix Sport XT

The new Ballistix Sport XT memory kits offer a more aggressive and much larger heatspreader than the original Ballistix Sport memory kits. This heatspreader not only looks great it will offer great cooling. Ballistix Sport XT kits are available in DDR3 speeds up to 1866 MHz in 4GB and 8GB modules up to 32GB. Ballistix Sport kits are designed for gamers and enthusiasts.

Crucial Ballistix Sport SODIMM

The Ballistix Sport SODIMMs are designed to boost the performance of gaming laptops, all-in-one systems or mini-ITX motherboards. Ballistix Sport SODIMMs are available in DDR3 speeds up to 1866 MHz in 4GB and 8GB densities. This memory is optomized for the 4th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 mobile processors. They offer lower latencies and increased energy efficiency. These will be available in early July.

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Source: Corsair PR | News Archive

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