ASRock Adds Official Support for Zen 3 CPUs on X370 Motherboards

It seems ASRock is adding support for AMD’s Zen 3 based processors to at least some of their X370 motherboards. The first board to get support is the X370 Pro4, which is a pretty standard board, nothing too exciting about it. Maybe they decided to go with this board to test if it is worth adding support for Zen 3 support across all of their X370 motherboards.

Support has been added support for AMD Vermeer-based CPUs (Ryzen 5000 series) and well as several Renior-based APUs. The new P7.10 UEFI update is required to support these CPUs and it also drops support for the rather old Excavator+ based Bristol Ridge APUs. It will be interesting to see if ASRock adds this support across all of their X370 motherboards and if other motherboard makers follow suit.

x370 pro4 zen3

Via TechPowerUp!

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