Unreleased Intel Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” CPU Delidded By der8auer

der8auer, a German overclocker and modder, managed to buy an unreleased Intel Sapphire Rapids processor from eBay.

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The reports say that the processor was obtained, but the motherboard for Sapphire Rapids CPUs could not be obtained, as the embargo on them has not been lifted yet. The CPU engineering samples from the same company were easy to obtain on the black market a long time before official release. However, a working motherboard is not easy to get before official launch.

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Der8auer delidded Xeon vPRO XCC QWP3” which has not been launched yet. It features 56 cores. The sample has not been tested previously. Der8auer separated the particular chiplets from the processor.

Screenshot 20220114 180534 Samsung Internet

Four chiplets are connected with the EMIB technology. It was shown with the help of a microscope.

Sapphire Rapids-X series is a much anticipated addition to Intel’s HEDT series. The official launch is expected to be around the end of 2022 with Raptor Lake Consumer CPUs.

Via VideoCardz