Twenty Intel ARC Alchemist GPU PCI Device IDs Shows Up In The Upcoming Open-Source Linux Mesa Graphics Driver Update

During the CES 2022 conference in Las Vegas, Intel did not reveal much information about the upcoming ARC Alchemist discrete graphics cards. “Phoronix” has revealed that twenty Intel ARC Alchemist SKUs are lined up for the upcoming Linux Mesa graphics driver.

As it usually happens when companies are adding SKUs to a new driver all IDs are not usually used. The reason behind this action is that the company has the option to include or exclude a recent variant till the completion of the series. Not much info about the PCI IDs placed by Intel has been given by Intel so everyone is still wondering that the IDs could be desktop and mobile GPUs, industry-level graphics cards, or even engineering samples sent to developers to implement them into their own products.

Intel DG2 Alchemist Linux MESA 1 1030x433 1
Up Till now, the launch date is not confirmed. Intel first revealed that Intel ARC Alchemist was to be released during the start of this year. Now, the recent updates on the official website regarding the release are ambiguous and rumor has it that the release date can be pushed to some other time in future.

Intel claims that it is currently delivering their ARC graphics cards to OEMs (specifically notebook OEMs). The products to be released will be entry-level DG2-128EEU GPUs and that the premium DG2-512EU will be released during the second quarter of 2022.

Intel ARC Alchemist GPU Q1 2022 Launch 1030x579 1

Via Phoronix