Intel Core i5-12400 non-K CPU Overclocked to 5.2 GHz

Der8auer has been successful in overclocking Intel Core i5-12400 non-K CPU to 5.2 GHz. The CPU shows a 33% higher performance in Cinebench.

Intel Core 12400 CPUZ

When going for overclocking, the Alder Lake CPUs’ ‘locked’ non-K series should not be the first priority as other features such as the hybrid configuration of the CPU, the motherboard being utilized, or the more consumption of power by the CPU should also be taken into consideration. However, Intel’s 12th Gen Core series made overclocking of 65W CPU much simpler, and no longer dependent on the max power settings only(PL1/PL2).

Intel Core 12600 CPUZ

Der8auer discovered that ASUS Z690 motherboards with a non-K CPU also have the BCLK overclocking options available while the B660 motherboard and ROG STRIX Z690-I do not feature any such option. The Youtuber has confirmed the availability of BCLK OC options on Z690 HERO and Z690 APEX motherboards with 0811 BIOS. The status of ASUS motherboards is, however, unclear as of now.

The testing shows the power consumption to be increased to 138W as well as individual cores reaching 96°C.

Intel Core 12400 12600 CPUZ Cinebench

The results of the Core i5-12600 CPU show that it is unable to reach the BCLK frequency as that of the 12400 CPU thus giving lower results in actual testing. Both CPUs give a double-digit performance in the CInebench R20 Multi-core test. The i5-12400 performance was 33% higher while Core i5-12600 comes at +16%, in comparison with the stock settings.

It is still unclear which motherboards from other companies including ASUS support the BCLK OC feature.



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