Intel’s Entry-Level Alder Lake Celeron G6900 Dual-Core Shows Faster Performance Than i9-10900K In Single-Threaded Test

The 12th Gen Alder Lake series has been introduced by Intel and they have introduced some entry-level options too. These options include Celeron and Pentium CPUs. Geekbench benchmark shows that one of these chips gives some remarkable performance numbers. According to reports, Intel’s Entry-Level Alder Lake Celeron G6900 Dual-Core surpasses i9-10900K 5.3 GHz CPU in a single-threaded performance test.

Intel Celeron G6900 Dual Core Alder Lake CPU 1

The Intel Celeron G6900 is based on the 10nm ESF Golden Cove core architecture. 2 cores and threads each are featured by it. Moreover, it offers 3.4 GHz clock speed. The CPU has an L3 cache of 4MB and an L2 cache of 2.5 MB within a TDP package of 46W. The price of this dual core processor is expected to be approximately $42. Intel Celeron G6900 could be used for entry-level eSports gaming titles and standard office workloads.

Intel Alder Lake Mobility Feature Image 1030x579 1

The ASRock Z690M Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard was used for its testing. The clock speeds were graded at 4.40 GHz which implies that the user might have enabled BFB or Base Frequency Boost technology to drive up the clock speeds by +1 GHz.

Via Geekbench