ASRock Announces Jupiter X300 with a 1.07-litre Case

Today, ASRock has announced the Jupiter X300 Mini PC. The Mini PC has a 1L capacity, yet it features three video outputs along with support for a VESA mount or VESA stand. It also has 64 GB DDR4 operating at 3200 MHz allowing it to support three video inputs too.

The Jupiter X300 is based on the AM4 socket. It features two SO-SIMM slots that can support RAM capacities of up to 64GB, where the operating frequencies depend on the type of processor installed in the socket. If Renoir APU is installed, the slots can support a speed of up to 3,200 MHz, and as for Picasso or Ryzen APU, the speed falls to 2,933 MHz.

The Mini PC’s software comes paired with an APU, which can support up to three video outputs. The video output devices can be connected through HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-Sub, where the HDMI and DisplayPort provide support for up to 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 60Hz. In order to cool the PC, there is a copper heatsink with cooling capabilities of up to 65 watt APU.

The Mini PC comes equipped with a variety of storage support. It comes equipped with a SATA 6 GB HDD drive bay, an M.2 slot designed for a WiFi module, and an Ultra M.2 Slot, which features support for PCIe Gen3 slot in order to support up to a 22 x 80 drive. The Jupiter also has a large number of USB ports: four USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C Ports.

There is no information on the pricing yet.

Via ASRock