ASRock Announces The H510 Pro BTC+ Cryptocurrency Mining Motherboard For Only $279.99

ASRock has officially introduced a new addition to their ASRock motherboard lineup, the H510 Pro BTC+. It is specially designed for cryptocurrency mining. The motherboard is based on the H510 chipset and uses the LGA1200 socket.


The main difference between a normal and mining motherboard is the six PCIe slots. We all know that Graphic cards are used for mining, so it will make it cost-effective to have plenty of graphic cards in a single system. Among the 6 PCIe, 3.0 x16 expansion slots only 1 operates on x16 speeds, while the remaining 5 slots are locked at x1 speeds. The motherboard is capable of managing 6 plus 1 graphics cards through its PCIe slots and the USB mining port.

Speaking of other additional features, the ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ comes with a four-phase power delivery solution that has 50A power chokes. Moreover, you are confined to one memory slot with 32 GB capacity for both Rocket Lake and Comet Lake platforms. The operation speeds are different for each platform, with DDR4-2933 on the Comet Lake platform and DDR4-3200 on the Rocket Lake platform. It also supports EEC memory. You can store your data on the SATA III port and a 110mm M.2 slot that supports SATA-based drives.

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Due to the H510’s 6 PCIe 3.0 x16 expansion slots, the motherboard does not fall into the traditional form factor. Therefore it is large with the dimensions: 50.1×22.4cm (20.1×8.8 inches).

The Twitter user @momomo_us spotted the listing on ASRock’s website. He was also able to discover the ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ on Newegg. You can pre-order it for $279.99 with a launch date of 18th July.

Via Twitter