EK Announces Lingum Edition RTX 3090/3080 Walnut Covered Waterblocks

EK has introduced a new product to their Signature Edition product portfolio, the EK Lignum. The EK Lignum is based on walnut wood (Juglans Nigra) because it always amazes through its colors and texture. The wood can also shrink or expand due to the connection between the water block and the wood.

EK Quantum Vector RTX 30803090 Lignum Edition Walnut 10

The walnut wood changing its size is its natural response to the change in temperature and humidity. The product has been designed in such a way that there is no direct contact between wood and water. Each block comes with a different pattern of wood, making it unique in the world.

EK’s latest EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090 is used for the Lignum GPU water block. It is an updated design of the 2nd-generation Vector GPU water blocks from the EK-Quantum Line and is made for graphics cards based on the latest NVIDIA® Ampere™ architecture.

EK Quantum Vector RTX 30803090 Lignum Edition Walnut 7

You can use the EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080-3090 Lignum water block with the majority of reference design GeForce RTX 3080, 3090 (not Founders Edition), and Zotac® Trinity RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards. Intentionally, the design includes a much thicker copper base to clear all the tall capacitors on most reference design graphics cards. Due to this, the water block has the advantage of versatile compatibility with no effect on the coolant flow.

The GPU, VRAM, and the VRM (voltage regulation module) are directly cooled by the water clock since the cooling liquid in the water block is directed through the above-mentioned components. The block is also in contact with MOSFETs and chokes to maximize cooling and minimize the chances of coil whine.

The EK’s latest EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080-3090 Lignum water block comes with optimized flow paths that reduce hydrodynamic instabilities and vortexing (dead spots) inside the block. Thanks to the new design, we can screw the terminals directly onto the copper plate, which makes the GPU block static and reduces any chances of damage to the water block.

EK Quantum Vector RTX 30803090 Lignum Edition Walnut 8

The exclusively designed and fabricated backplate for the EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 Lignum water block is included with the EK lignum. A flap on the side of his aluminum black anodized backplate allows it to fold all the way down, thus covering the entire side of the GPU PCB.

You can pre-order the product from EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network for €349.90 where the shipping is expected to commence from September 2021.

Via EK