ASRock Unveils Their Radeon VII Phantom Gaming

ASRock has just unveiled their Radeon VII Phantom Gaming Graphics Card. As we expected it features the same reference design as AMD’s card. We suspect that AMD did not give AIB partners enough time to create their own custom designs in time for the February 7th launch date.

ASRock unveils Radeon VII Phantom Gaming

So basically you have AMD’s reference model with ASRock and Phantom Gaming stickers on the fans. It could however have a custom backplate, but we are unsure of that.

The box looks very familiar to ASRock’s RX500 series boxes, although they have added a red band around the middle where it says AMD Radeon VII. The box also features the Vega II logo, which we saw in the patent filings late last year.

On the box it mentions the 7nm fabrication process, 16GB of HBM2 and 1 TB/s of bandwidth. There is also advertising for FreeSync 2 HDR. There is no mention of clocks on the box, although we’ve heard rumors that AIB cards will be clocked lower than the 1800 MHz, around 1750 MHz.

This card will be available February 7th for $699.

Via VideoCardz

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