ASRock Z77 Extreme6 Intel Z77 Motherboard Review

Testing – Video
For our video testing, we used a few well-known suites. First up, the ever-popular 3DMark11. We ran this with the “Performance (720p)” setting.


Following this, we used 3DMark Vantage. Again, this was run on the “Performance” setting.


Finally, we tested the motherboard with a couple of 3D-intense demos and gauged their FPS as a measure of graphics performance.  Here you and on the next page you will not see much of a difference in scores as the GPU is doing most of the work.

First we ran Unigine’s Heaven demo 3.0, a popular DirectX 11 based 3D benchmarking tool. Settings used were; 1920×1080 resolution, Tessellation: Disabled, Shaders: High, Anisotropy: 4x, Anti-Aliasing: Off.


Following on from Heaven we ran Stone Giant, a similar test to Heaven, but with different technologies and shader types. The settings we used were; Resolution: 1920×1080, Aspect: Auto, Tessellation: High.