Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula Water-proofing Demo at Computex

We know a lot about ASRock’s top of the line Z87 OC Formula motherboard. It has quite a lot of features specially made for overclockers, but one that really stands out is the conformal coating on the PCB. This protects the motherboard from conductive liquids, dust, moisture, corrosion, extreme temperatures, oxygen, Ozone and UV light. At Computex ASRock had a live demo of water running over a Z87 OC Motherboard that was powered on and running!

ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula Water-proofing Demo at Computex

The is definitely one of the coolest demos that is being shown at Computex. It shows that the Z87 OC Formula is disaster proof. Many people build systems with liquid cooling and its nice to know if something goes wrong your motherboard will be safe!

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