ASUS Announces 12-pin PCIe Gen 5.0 Connector For Next-gen GPUs

ASUS confirms the expected release of their new power connector for next-gen GPUs. As mentioned earlier by the leaks on GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, the rumors have now been confirmed.

ASUS ROG THOR Platinum Titanium 5 1

Reports say that NVIDIA’s next-gen flagship graphics card will be the first ever to showcase a PCIe Gen5 power connector. It is an extra powerful and compact plug-in comparison to the present 8-pin and 6-pin plugs.

ASUS conducted a  special event covering Intel Z690 in which they disclosed a new line of ROG Thor power supplies including:

•1200W Platinum II.

•1600W Titanium.

•1000W Platinum II.

These power supplies are best compatible when paired with high-end CPUs and GPU and are of high wattage.

ASUS ROG THOR Platinum Titanium 1

It was confirmed by ASUS that the new Thor PSUs are suitable for the latest and next-generation GPUs. The PSUs were designed by ASUS’ own graphics team. ASUS future graphics cards will feature PCIe Express Gen 5.0 connector.

The ROG Thor series is made to prepare your PC for the future as well as to deliver clean and reliable power in abundance at present. The PCI Express 5.0 standard features a high-capacity auxiliary plug with one cable that binds 12 conductors.

The company teases the ability of  GeForce RTX 3090 to be used as an example of a very high peak power draw, reaching a new high of 940W. ASUS claims that their New Thor PSUs will sustain power without any blackouts during typical usage.


The new power supplies will be released after mid-November. The 850W models are planned for next year.

Via Videocardz