Newegg Is Already Shipping Alder Lake CPU To First Customers By Mistake

Newegg has shipped Alder Lake CPUs to first customers by mistake and is now requesting them not to spill the beans in order to ‘avoid issues’ with Intel. This is a bit of a peculiar request from Newegg’s side.

Intel Alder Lake Newegg 2

The US-based retailer may now face problems with Intel. It was revealed in a thread on Reddit that the company has already shipped a batch of Intel 12th Gen Core CPUs ahead of time. The new Intel Alder Lake CPUs which were announced recently are not supposed to be sent to the customers till November 4th.

The news that Newegg is shipping unreleased CPUs is indeed a surprising one. Reports say that Newegg is now actively calling all people who received the CPU requesting them not to share any information regarding the CPU.

Intel Alder Lake Newegg 1

The design of the CPUs and their packaging has already been shown, so there is nothing new to hide or share. Most importantly, Newegg or anyone else hasn’t shipped Z690 motherboards yet, so there’s no chance for anyone to test them.

Getting my 12900K tomorrow, what can’t I post? Just got a phone call from Newegg and the lady said I can’t post anything until 11/4?
— Hyphnx

Just got the same call, and mine just came in about an hour ago. The packaging on the 12900k looks awesome! The 12700k looks a bit mediocre.
— NoveltyNetwork

Just got a voicemail from a lady as well. Told me not to post anything until 11/4 “to avoid any issues”
— discovet11

Via Reddit