AMD EPYC “Turin” With Zen5 Cores Will Feature Maximum TDP Of 600W

According to the rumors, AMD EPYC 7005 Turin features more than double the maximum TDP of Milan.

AMD EPYC Turin is rumored to have joined the line of devices utilizing quite a generous amount of power. It is reported that a special version of the EPYC 7005 CPU is going to use cTDP (Configurable Thermal Design Power) of 600W.

AMD EPYC Memory DDR5 Genoa Turin

EPYC Milan (Zen3) has half the amount of cTDP, with a maximum cTDP of 280W. EPYC 7005 CPU has 50% higher cTDP than the rumored EPYC Genoa (Zen4) series with 400W.

AMD EPYC Genoa and Turin will be using the same plug which is AMD SP5. As shown in the documents presenting the power and thermal requirements of the AMD SP5 socket, the SP5 supports a maximum of 700W power.

AMD EPYC 7005 “Turin” is expected after late 2023 or early 2024. The notable features will include Zen5 microarchitecture and support for faster DDR5 memory than  EPYC Genoa.

AMD EPYC Genoa Leak 9

The leaker (@greymon55) has shed some light on the Turin CPU configurations. The series reportedly has two configurations: 192-cores and 256-cores.