ASUS Introduces TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB Series Case Fans

Asus has released an innovative RGB PC case fan design touted to look great from every angle. The latest Asus TUF Gaming T120 ARGB fans boast translucent panels and breaks in the casing, enabling the RGB lighting to illuminate your PC’s interior.


In today’s PC gaming scene dominated by aquarium-style cases providing panoramic views of your computer’s internals, the RGB lighting from top-tier PC fans can often seem underutilized. When viewing your PC from the side, the lighting from front and roof-mounted fans may go unnoticed without adjusting your viewing angle. Asus aims to address this issue with its latest fan design.


If you enjoy showcasing the RGB lighting behind your case’s tempered glass panels, you’ll frequently encounter the issue where the front portion of your fans, where most of the RGB lighting is concentrated, remains obscured from various viewing angles. Additionally, the airflow direction of front intake fans leads to the clean front faces facing outward towards the front panel, leaving only the back end, with its plastic support structures, visible through the window.


Asus’ new fan design addresses this issue. It features translucent panels in the casing, allowing the light from the 16 ARGB LEDs to shine through the sides. Additionally, the fans come in reverse-airflow editions, enabling you to place them in the front of your case as intakes and still have the front of the fans visible through your side panel window.

asus tuf gaming tr120 argb case fans flat

According to Asus, the new TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans provide a maximum airflow of up to 77.4CFM (cubic feet per minute), which slightly decreases to 76.3CFM with the reverse-airflow models. Asus further claims that these fans are engineered for quiet operation, stating that they produce a maximum of 29 dB(A) of noise, making them virtually inaudible during intense gaming sessions.

Via TechPowerUp