ASUS Launches the P9X79-E WS Workstation Motherboard

Workstation motherboards are made for some pretty intense tasks. With ASUS’s new P9X79-E WS motherboard you sure will be able to do a lot! The thing that really sets this board apart from others is that it has seven PCI Express 3.0 slots. So if you choose you are able to install seven single-slot cards or four dual-slot cards. The large number of PCI Express slots is great for users who have PCI Express-based video capture, RAID, and SSD storage components.

asus p9x79e ws

Not only do you get the large expandability with this board, but it also has ASUS’s Dr. Power. Dr. Power offers real time power supply and delivery status detection, with instant alerts to notify users whether issues such as insufficient or unstable power arise. The utility pre-empts power failures with pop-up notices that allow customers to avoid sudden shutdowns and work loss by saving data before power-outs occur, all without having to open the computer case.

The P9X79-E WS also has dual server-grade Intel Ethernet ports, which are managed by the Intel i210 controller. This means all of your networking is done independently from the CPU.

The board is made of a 10-layer PCB with 100% ultra-long life solid capacitors.

Source: ASUS | News Archive

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