ASUS ROG Ally Priced Confirmed For Europe: To be Priced At €799

ASUS began sending out preview units of the ROG Ally handheld gaming console in April. Recently, numerous outlets have showcased their units and even uploaded unboxing videos of the product they received. This suggests that the product is likely finalized and what we have observed is a polished retail version.

IMG 5081

As the launch of the product draws near, there is still uncertainty surrounding the pricing and actual release date. However, a recent leak from BestBuy, which happens to be a significant ASUS partner for this launch, has revealed the pricing in the US. The only remaining question is how much it will cost in other regions.

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Roland Quandt (WinFuture) was among the first to speculate that the price of the ROG Ally in the US would be $699/$599. He has now suggested that the price for the console in Europe may be slightly higher. The estimated retail price for the high-end version of the console is €799. Although a direct conversion from $699 would suggest a price of €632, the European pricing includes VAT, which is approximately 20%. This means that the price would already increase to €750. Therefore, the €799 price is not very surprising, although it is still more expensive than the Steam Deck.

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The formal announcement of the ROG Ally console is scheduled for May 11th. Considering that review units have already been sent out, it is likely that ASUS is quite confident in their design and that the consoles are now being mass-produced.