ASUS ROG LOKI Power Supplies Will Have ‘Full’ 16-pin PCIe Gen5 Power Connector For GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

ASUS has revealed its forthcoming series of power supplies named ROG LOKI. Though this is the second line of power supplies to feature 16-pin power cables for next-generation GPUs, ROG LOKI will in fact be the first ‘true’ PCIe Gen5 connector series with all 16 pins actually available.

PCIeGen5 Power Connector
The previously released Thor series does feature next-gen PCIe Gen5 cables but uses adapters to achieve the connection. The NVIDIA Molex MicroFit 3.0 cable with 12 pins seems to be a partial implementation of the Gen5 connector. The standard Gen 5 connector and Molex Microfit 3.0 cables both have 12 pins while the former features 4 additional data paths(speculated to be optional).

In the upcoming ROG Loki connectors, these 4 cables can be seen, making it a complete implementation of the standard.

ASUS 16 pin power cable 1 e1641555987765

The upcoming flagship NVIDIA Ampere gaming card, RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, will be the first to incorporate a 16-pin power cable. ASUS has confirmed the power supply of a single connector to reach up to 600W. It is in the air that an EVGA custom RTX 3090 Ti card will feature two such cables, taking the power supply to be as high as 1275W.

Via VideoCardz & Igors Lab