Here Is Our First Look At GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Graphics Card

NVIDIA’s popular EVGA RTX 3080 10GB model receives a memory upgrade. EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra is the upcoming high-end model with memory increased to 12GB. The latest model will feature an updated GA102 GPU along with 8960 CUDA cores. According to the recent reports, there has been an important upgrade made to RTX 3080’s memory subsystem, which is an extra 2GB of capacity.

rtx 3080 12gb 1

Increased core count and larger VRAM will utilize more power. The model being discussed here has 350W TDP over the original 320W. These specifications are NVIDIA reference specs and the forthcoming FTW3 Ultra model will offer considerably better performance.

rtx 3080 12gb 2

NVIDIA will announce its RTX 3080 12GB today. Recent reports say that NVIDIA has made the decision to lift the preorder and review embargo both simultaneously. Unfortunately, the drivers are hard to get for the reviewers as they are not available. This method of launching a graphics card is not being appreciated much.

Update: NVIDIA has officially announced the card, here are the specifications…

rtx 3080 12gb 3

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