Intel Has Completely Resolved Game DRM Issues In Their 12th Gen Core Alder Lake CPUs

After the launch of 12th Gen Core Alder Lake CPUs, it was reported that it had some problems with some software titles recognizing the newest hybrid processor platform. DRM, a protection software used in many games, was unable to identify the Efficient cores on the Alder Lake CPUs as a component of the CPU. It was considered a different system by the games.

Intel gaming PC

Due to this issue in the CPU, the DRM protection of the game would get initiated causing the game to stop during the play.
Intel and Motherboard manufacturers worked together to solve the ongoing issue through workarounds in order to provide a smooth gaming experience to its users. One solution was based on the core parking concept, while the other remedy brought into use was “Legacy Game Compatibility Mode”, present in the BIOS of the system. It has proved to be an acceptable solution for most of the users around the globe so that the games could still be played on brand new, more powerful, and efficient Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs (as claimed by the company).

Intel Core Desktop CPUs 1030x579 1

Intel has confirmed that they have been successful in resolving the software issues and that it is yet unaware of any existing DRM issues. It, however, suggests it to customers to contact customer support if they experience any similar problems.

Via WCCFTech, Intel