PCIe 6.0 Delivers Blazing 64 GT/s Transfer Speeds, Twice As Fast As PCIe 5.0

PCI-Sig Group recently announced PCIe 6.0, with raw data rates, double that of the PCIe 5.0 technology.

PCI-SIG claims that PCIe 6.0 will support 64 GT/s, which is the same as 256GB/s over a 16 lane configuration. The blazing speed of PCle 6.0 is due to the Pulse Amplitude Modulation used that has 4 levels(PAM4). The PCle 6.0 comes with an updated packet management along with flow control. Following the tradition, this version of PCle will also be backward compatible with older versions.

PCIe 6 Slide

The PCI-SIG’s chair and president revealed that the upcoming standard, to start with, will be aimed at data centers, but will be available for other uses as well with time.

The release is fortunately not a matter of interest for everyday users as a large number of latest computers still feature PCIe 4.0. PCs featuring PCIe 5.0 were introduced at the end of last year. As of yet, no company has released any GPUs with PCIe 5.0 support yet. Though big companies like Adata and Samsung have showcased incredibly fast SSDs that feature the new technology.

AMD Radeon GPU PCIe 1030x579 1

PCle 6.0 is being released a bit too early if we look at the usual schedule of a new version with almost double the bandwidth of the previous one releasing every 3 years.