ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 APEX Bags DDR5-10552 Memory Overclock World Record

ASUS has joined in the league of names which have broken records in the race of memory overclocking. These names include MSI and Gigabyte and now it’s finally ASUS which has outdone itself in DDR5 memory overclocking, making a world record with its very own ROG Maximus Z690 APEX motherboard. This was achieved by LUPIN_NO_MUSUME, an overclocked based out of Hong Kong.

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The ROG Maximus Z690 APEX motherboard by ASUS has been designed particularly for DRAM overclocking, much of which can be accredited to its Dual DIMM memory layout. The motherboard can officially support speeds of up to DDR5-6600 but that’s not where the overlockers are looking to stop.

An overclock of 5275.9 MHz has been achieved using the LN2 and Intel’s Core i9-12900K clocked at 3.7 GHz. This equates to massive transfer rates of 10,552 Mbps. This is 2.2 times than the JEDEC listed speeds of merel 4800 Mbps for a standard DDR5 memory. In case you’re interested to know, the overclocking was achieved at 127-120-120-120-127-2 with a DIMM of only 16 GB. There is no further detail on the DIMM which was used here.

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What we are expected to see in the coming months is a shift in trend where manufacturers are more and more inclined towards pushing the DDR5 even further. This will be seen on platforms such as Intel’s Raptor Lake and AMD’s AM5 which come with higher transfer rates and memory frequencies. G.Skill is already out with a DDR5-7000 kit and others are planning to bring even faster modules. We will soon be seeing faster kits from the likes of Corsair, TeamGroup, ADATA, T-Force, and Aorus.