Colorful’s New AIO Gaming PC Features The GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU

For those who haven’t heard of EJ Hardware, this is a well-known Chinese tech media team. They have recently come to the limelight after testing out a sample of Colorful’s G-One Plus AIO gaming PC. The G-One Plus made its debut about a month ago and is already up for sale. It is nothing like your ordinary PC chassis. Designed with the sole purpose of being an all-in-one gaming system, it is a large monitor stand and hides all the components behind it, except for the massive 330W power supply.

COLORFUL RTX3060 AIO 1 videocardz

Colorful has designed a custom motherboard for the G-One which houses Intel’s Alder Lake-H mobile processor and the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Laptop GPU. So, in theory, this is almost like a laptop which has been attached to a monitor. The processor nor the GPU can be replaced by gamers, but there are the standard SO-DIMM slots supporting DDR5 memory. The PC can be upgraded with a secondary M.2 SSD and even the M.2 Wi-Fi card can be replaced if required.

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The G-One comes with three different configurations to choose from with three different Alder Lake CPUs. The options vary from Core i5-12500H (12-core), Core i7-12700H (14-core), or Core i9-12900H. The system which was tested by EJ Hardware featured the lowest of these versions, the Core i5-12500H. The good thing is that the graphics remain the same on all three configurations, meaning regardless of which CPU you pick, you will be getting the full-power Max-P variant of GeForce RTX 3060 laptop graphics. During the stress test, the GPU was able to reach a max board power of 134W.

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The PC has been tested for both synthetic and gaming benchmarks. The CPU performance is not surprising, as it came out to be exactly what can be expected from a CPU with these specs. The GPU performance slightly varied from expectations. Talking about the 3DMark test, the PC managed to score 26,793 points in FireStrike GPU test. According to the latest ranking from NotebookCheck, this result is even better than the Core i7-12700H based AUS TUF Laptop with RTX 3060 GPU which managed to get a score of 23,109 points.

This is definitely not your ordinary everyday gaming PC unit. With a large screen, it is not ideal for those with limited space. So far the most ideal places for this PC which come to our minds are internet cafes or college dorms. Also, at $1,999, the price is much higher than the basic RTX 3060 laptops.

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