be quiet! Pure Power L8 600W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
be quiet! has a very nice line of power supplies in their Pure Power L8 series. These units range from 300W all the way up to 700W so they are definitely for smaller or more mainstream builds. This is also very evident in the design of the unit, it is very plain and to the point. If you are looking to show off your power supply with a case window this is not the power supply for you.

Even though this power supply is pretty plain be quiet! still brings the quality that they are known for to the unit. The unit has an 80PLUS Bronze certification which means it will operate at 85% efficient at 50% load and 82% efficient at 100% load. be quiet! has also outfitted this unit with one of their SilentWings cooling fans. Just like the name implies the fan is extremely quiet during operation. Even though this is not a modular unit all of the included cables are sleeved and well protected.

Coming down to performance the Pure Power L8 600W unit that we tested did very well. While we did see ripple in all of the rails the voltage regulation was under 2%, which is very good. The rail that showed the most fluctuation was actually the 12V rail, which was a little disappointing. Overall though for a mainstream unit the performance was pretty good.

Unfortunately I was not able to find the Pure Power L8 600W unit for sale anywhere besides eBay, where it is going for around $150. At that price I really cannot recommend it, but I have heard reports the unit will go for around $100. At that price I think you are getting a pretty decent value. At the same time Antec’s High Current Gamer 750M is around $117 online and has better voltage regulation and a semi-modular design. Overall ThinkComputers gives the be quiet! Pure Power L8 600W Power Supply a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small

– 80PLUS Bronze certification
– Under 2% voltage regulation on all of the rails
– Extremely quiet fan

– Other mainstream units we have tested have had better performance
– Unable to find for sale

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