Best 5 Security Apps For Your Android Smartphone

The data stored in our phones are invaluable, and losing them by any chance would be nothing short of a nightmare to us. For this reason, there are several security apps available today in the market and it is crucial that you select the best one among them for your phone. Today, many of us have an android phone and thus keeping all the data stored on it safely is our key concern. Although they are loaded with a number of amazing features, android phones are extremely vulnerable and thus protecting it from any malware attack is quite important. There are some well-known security apps in the market today, which are capable of relieving you from the trauma of losing any important info from your Android phone.

android security

Security apps are nothing but simple security software, which is used for preventing any security fault in the application. Installing a security app proves to be an effective option when it comes to securing your android mobile data.

AVG antivirus
AVG antivirus is a well-known antivirus tool used for protecting computers and now it is also available for android mobiles. With this you can comprehensively scan your apps, media and other several phone contents. You can also lock your desired apps with passwords with its applocker facility.

Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout is anytime the most recommended security apps for an Android phone. The app is available in two versions, premium and free version. With the free version you can scan your device for any malware and with its help you can also restore data online. Further, it also helps in locating lost phone using GPS. If you are spending on the premium version you can avail the advantage of remote locking. In this case, you get the info regarding the security level of every application on your phone.

Norton mobile security
With this security app you can not only scan your device for malware but also lock your SIM card so that no one can use it in any other mobile. Further, you can also get the benefit of the remote locking facility with this app.

NetQin Anti virus
Just like lookout mobile antivirus, NetQin Antivirus concentrates on tracing lost phones. Using this application you can not only trace your phone but also delete its data and set alarms. If you are one of those who lose mobiles very often then this app will prove to be very useful for you.

WaveSecure Mobile Security
This app helps you in taking the backup of your mobile easily and restoring it on a new phone. By installing its “WaveSecure UninstallProtection”, you can set a password to protect your security app and thus no attacker can uninstall the security app on your device.

If you are not keeping your data safe there are chances that it might fall in the wrong hands. In addition, the only option that remains on your hand, after losing your important data, is spending money and replacing your cell. Further, reentering all the data in the new phone will also take a lot of time. Thus, selecting an appropriate security app is a smart move.

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