Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Review

Bigfoot Networks originally released the Killer NIC M1 and K1 models in 2006, with the suped-up network cards getting some major attention in 2007. Mid-2009, Bigfoot Networks released the Killer Xeno Pro, a slimmed down version of the first generation models, both in size and extra features. It didn’t stop there, though. Bigfoot Network released May 11, 2010 the Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card. This new version focuses on the core features at the heart of the idea of a network processing unit: offloading and acceleration. ThinkComputers measures up the Killer 2100 in this extensive review. Read on for more information, pictures, and benchmarks.

For more of an overview of the purpose of the Killer NIC network processing unit, read at least the first page of our CES 2010 interview with Bigfoot Networks VP of Marketing John Drewry.

Special thanks to Bigfoot Networks for providing us with the Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card to review.

Features & Specifications

  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet NIC
  • 1x PCI-Express interface
  • 400 MHz ARM processor powering the NPU
  • 128 MB DDR2 RAM
  • RJ-45 connector
  • Performance-inspired housing
  • Red LED glow (switchable)
  • Control Panel Application & Tray Indicator
  • Advanced Game Detect™
  • Online Gaming PC Monitor
  • Visual Bandwidth Control
  • Application Blocker
  • Bypasses Windows networking stack, offloading network calculations to NPU
  • 32- and 64-bit support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • 32-bit support for Windows XP
  • Plug and play
  • Supports Logitech keyboard LCD display

The Killer 2100 comes in a small box with a supernatural character on the front, and promises “maximum networking performance for online games.” The rear of the box features a picture of the card and the five pillars of functionality of the card: speed, intelligence, control, visibility, domination. It also has two screenshots of the Network Manager control panel which controls the unit.

Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card

Included in the box is a driver CD, documentation, and the card itself. It’s probably a good idea to skip the driver CD and get drivers from Bigfoot’s web site, as there’s already been at least one new driver release since the cards were made available.

Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card

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