Canadian Retailer Lists Intel 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” i9-13900K CPU For 726 USD

Famous leakster @momomo_us has recently shared some pricing information on Intel’s new Core series which comes featuring 24 cores. This includes both the K-series and the F-series models.


The Core i9-13900K has been priced at $941 CAD which equals to $726 USD. This is certainly pricier than the i9-12900K which is selling for $631 USD in the same store. However, it is cheaper than the KS-variant which has a higher overclock speed and is priced at 824 USD. This retailer has given the Core i9 series a 95 to 100 USD price increase.

The Raptor Lake i7 series has been priced at 511/483 USD, making it more expensive than the Alder Lake models which have been listed for 436/411 USD. This means an increase of 75 USD for the 1x700k model and an increase of 72 USD for the SKU which comes without integrated graphics.

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The latest Core i5 series has been listed for 511/483 USD, making it more expensive than the predecessor models which are priced at 308/259 USD.
Intel had already confirmed that it would be increasing the prices for consumer CPUs, and this explains why the Raptor Lake CPUs are going to be more expensive. However, this increase by 100 USD seems quite exaggerated and is probably due to this being an early listing.