NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang To Announce ‘Exciting’ Next-Generation GPU Update Next Month

NVIDIA’s CEO has just announced that the company will be reducing the inventory of the existing models before they make the switch to the next generation. Jensen Huang is looking forward to the ‘exciting’ upcoming series and according to him, the Ampere is the most popular GPU which they have ever worked on. There seems to be a slight problem, however, that they might have created a bit too many of these.

nvidia rtx 4080

We’ll get through this over the next few months and go into next year with our new architecture. I look forward to telling you more about it at GTC next month.

I look forward to next month’s GTC conference, where we will share new advances of RTX reinventing 3D graphics and gaming.

— Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO at Q2 2022 Earnings Call

The company’s CEO has confirmed that they are dealing with ‘excess inventory’ of the GeForce RTX 30 series. Inventory is enough to issue as it is but the pricing is also getting impacted, especially in regions outside the USA and China. We get frequent reports of price cuts on high-end models, mostly from US and China-based stores, but this might not always be the case in other regions.

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NVIDIA is now working alongside partners to fix the price situation as they await the next generation. So far, there appears to be no official news on price cuts.