Canadian Retailer Lists Intel desktop Alder Lake non-K series Core i5-12400F At 249 CAD (200 USD)

Intel Alder Lake non-K series has recently been listed by a Canadian retailer. The listing shows that the Intel Core i5-12400(F) is a bit pricier than expected.

The most significant revelation from this listing is that Core i5-12400F is listed at 249 CAD (200 USD) and i5-12400 at 287 CAD (230 USD), making both of them more expensive than the 11th Gen Core series (157 USD and 187 USD respectively).

Intel 12th Gen Core Series 3DCenter

A non-K series model i5-12700F is priced at 455 CAD (365 USD), which makes it to be around 75 CAD cheaper than the K-version. The latter is already on sale.

The first Core i3 SKU from the Alder Lake lineup to be listed is Core i3-12100F. It is reported to feature 4 cores and 8 threads.

It is uncertain which frequencies have been listed by the retailer, but we assume that the base clocks are of the Performance (Golden Cove) cores.  The leaker ‘momomo_us’ did not specify which retailer has given the list of the new CPUs. Hence Newegg Canada is being used for a reference.

Intel Alder Lake Dies 1

Since the features of the 12th Gen Core non-K series are not confirmed by the company yet, we have to depend on assumptions and rumors. The  gave the most recent leak with proposed configurations and estimated frequencies for the upcoming mid-range lineup. The expected launch date is in January, so the early listing by the Canadian retailer has come up as a surprise.