Cancelled Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti 20GB Can Mine Ethereum At 98 MH/s

NVIDIA’s original plan was to introduce the NVIDIA RTX 3080 20 GB, but the plan changed just before the official announcement of a 12GB variant. However, some cards were produced, which were distributed in limited quantities to partners like Gigabyte. A Russian Youtuber was lucky enough to get his hands on one of the cards. He tested the card’s cryptocurrency mining performance and uploaded the BIOS to techpowerup’s GPU database.

Gigabyte RTX3080Ti 20GB 1

The YouTuber spent 225,000 rubles (~3,070 USD) to get the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti 20 GB Gaming OC model from a retailer in St. Petersburg. The card’s price can be covered if it mines for 400 days at current Ethereum prices.

There are no official NVIDIA Game Ready drivers for the card, and Gigabyte Russia also denied the product’s existence which is why the product is only useful for cryptocurrency mining. The card has an excellent Ethereum mining performance because no Lite Hash Rate (LHR) algorithm is present, which NVIDIA included in all their new cards. The retailer pre-configured the card with a 100 MHz boost clock increase and a 1000 MHz boost to the memory speed along with a TDP limiter of 80%.

RTX3080 Ti 20GB BIOS

As far as the performance is concerned, the RTX 3080 achieved a mining hash rate of 94 MH/s in both Gminer and NBminer, a 63% increase over the LHR RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB.