NVIDIA Will Launch GeForce RTX 30 SUPER Series In January, GeForce RTX 40 In October

Youtuber RedGamingTech(RGT) and Twitter user Greymon55 claim that the NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER refresh will arrive in early 2022 through a CES 2022 announcement. However, it remains unclear whether NVIDIA will launch mobile and desktop SUPER series simultaneously or not. CES 2022 will have several new announcements, including Intel’s Alder Lake mobile and a possible Arc Alchemist announcement.

Zotac GeForce RTX 3090 AMP Extreme Holo Graphics Card

AMD also has something in store for us. AMD is expected to reveal Ryzen 3D V-Cache-based series and mobile Rembrandt silicon. Indeed, a lot will happen regarding the CPU and GPU market, where each company has its own products ready.

It is rumored that the NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER refresh will have GA103. This new Ampere processor will allow NVIDIA to provide more configuration options, especially for the mobile market. The same might be the case with the desktop series, but it isn’t mentioned in any leak yet. The rumored RTX 3090 SUPER will most probably utilize the GA102 GPU.

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More information on RTX 40 series, a successor to Ampere codenamed Lovelace, is also being shared. Unlike AMD’s RDNA3, this architecture will not use Multi-Chip-Module (MCM) design but rather a monolithic approach. According to Greymon55, next-gen GPUs should now be expected in October 2022.

NVIDIA RTX 40 “Lovelace”

Information on RTX 30’s successor, RTX 40, codenamed Lovelace, is also shared. It will utilize a monolithic approach, and as per Greymon55, next-gen GPUs are expected in October 2022, but it isn’t specified for NVIDIA Lovelace only.

After a year of the RTX 30 series, we will see the arrival of the RTX 30 SUPER refresh. It is expected that NVIDIA will launch a limited number of super SKUs since Ampere Refresh is expected to arrive 9 months before Lovelace’s announcement.

In Q2 2022, at least three new GPU series: RDNA2 refresh, RTX 30 SUPER, and Intel’s Arc Alchemist are expected to arrive. By the year’s end, AMD and NVIDIA will announce their new architectures alongside the first new graphics cards.

Via RedGamingTech