Windows 11 Will Be Faster Due To Memory, CPU And Storage Optimizations

Almost a month before Windows 11 official release, Microsoft has shared details on Windows 11 performance improvements.

Windows 11 2

Thanks to all the optimizations, Windows 11 is going to make your PC faster. The new UI and snappier animations will make Windows 11 a worthy upgrade over Windows 10. The company still has to do a lot, especially on the over-simplified taskbar, which greatly limits productivity (such as a lack of a ‘never combine’ option). However, people will appreciate other features like remembering where each window was located on a multi-monitor setup.

The vice president of Enterprise Management of Microsoft, Steve Dispensa, explains that changes to Windows 11 will save 32% of memory and 37% of CPU usage. The Windows hibernation and wake-up time will be improved as compared to Windows 10. Microsoft expects near-instantaneous wake-up time with the Intel 8th Gen Core series and above.

Windows 11 1

Windows 11 will have a revised application prioritization and better memory management. This means a heavy workload will not slow down the apps running in the background as it will prioritize them by devoting memory resources and CPU power. Microsoft has reduced starvation across key processing threads. Dispensa claims that this single change improves the system to resume from sleep by 25%,

Windows 11 will arrive on October 5th.

Via WinFuture