Case Mod Friday: M.O.D. Military Grade

Project Name: M.O.D. Military Grade

military grade

Tell us a little about your case / case mod?
A 1962 U.K. Army dedicated tribute build to my late father Sargent P.R. Butler. Built inside of a Corsair Vengeance C70. The case has a full military theme along with the rest of my setup.

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– Windows 7 64 bit
– AMD FX-4100
– 16GB dual-channel DDR3
– ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
– Sapphire Radeon HD 5750
– 2x WD 1TB green drives
– 1x 500GB WD Blue Drive
– OCZ Vertex 4
– Enermax tb vegas trios x5 fans
– x2 corsair stock fans

List of Custom Modifications
– First off I Google sketch all my builds in fine details. I made the first and only C70 sketch and would of been the first C70 made but I took my time.
– Fully hand built custom lazzy susan
– Front grill logo royal green jacket cap badge replacement of corsair logo on the C70
– Full decals over all
– Top custom designed grill by me and milled by mnpctech
– De-cored para cord raped handles.
– Custom PSU rear cut extraction unit aka lian li and customization look
– Al case LEDs wired to hand built custom led switching hell fire ammo can
– 2 left sides , both with original design internal windows
– First side a blanked in side 2nd windowed with future extra panel concept .
– Right side 3D panel extra and Sargent stripe led art work

Builder: Wayne Butler

Build Log:


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