How To Protect Your WiFi Hotspot From Unwanted Intruders

Portable hotspots have become extremely popular among people who constantly find themselves on the road. The increase in WiFi hotspot usage means an increase in malicious users who’s primary goal is to gain access to these types of networks and the information that’s being transmitted on them. If you’ve recently purchased a mobile WiFi hotspot device, follow these simple tips to help keep the hackers, jackers and slackers out of your personal business.

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Change Your WiFi Password Often

While this might seem like a straightforward solution to a complex problem, many people forget to change their WiFi password on a regular basis. Changing your password means that hackers have to work harder to gain access to your hotspot. It’s always a good idea to keep your password private, and to only share it with close friends and family when they need internet access.

Change the SSID

The SSID is your WiFi network’s name. Because hackers have a list of thousands of pre-determined network names that are made up of common key phrases, stick to names that aren’t found in the dictionary. Searching for names is one of the most common ways a hacker can gain access to a wireless network. They use sophisticated software that is capable of hacking into WPA networks with names made up of common words that are found in the dictionary. Make sure to use the most random phrase that you can think of.

Use a Strong Network Password

Similar to the SSID, your network password should be lengthy and confusing. Hackers use the same type of SSID identifying software to hack into password protected WiFi networks that use simplified pre-shared keys. A good password often involves something that you’re familiar with. Think about using a significant date in your life along with the name or description of something you care deeply about. Combining these will be confusing enough for any hacker yet easy enough for you to remember.

Take Control of Your Ports

Port filtering can be an effective deterrence tool when used on mobile WiFi hotspots. Many hackers use open ports to gain access to your network and the vital information on it. Enable port filtering for the ports that you never use, such as FTP or email. Not all mobile WiFi hotspots allow for port filtering. Before purchasing one, check its specifications.


Mobile hotspots normally come encryption-enabled right out of the box. Most likely, the encryption type will not be the most advanced security measure available.

Consider updating the encryption level to WPA2. WPA2 is very secure and has been proven to be very effective against hackers who try to access wireless networks.

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