Case Mod Friday: The Riddler

Project Name: The Riddler


About this mod / project:
Hey everyone, welcome to my build log for my “Riddler” build. I have a H440 Special Edition Green Case and I’m going with the “Riddler” theme from Batman. Decking it out with Green and Purple, this build will have a beautiful airbrushed mural on the case to go with the added touches of vinyl to make the build really pop. It will have the Riddler standing over Gotham city wrapping around the case.


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– CPU – Intel i7 3770k
– Motherboard – msi Z77 MPower
– RAM – Corsair Vengeance lp green 16GB 1600mhz
– SSD – Samsung 256GB 850 Pro
– HDD – WD 2.5″ 750GB Black Edition
– GPU – XFX HD 7950 DD-Black Edition
– Case – H440 Green Special Edition
– PSU – Seasonic-X 750W Fully Modular
– Fans – Coolink Fans
– New Fans – EKL Alpenföhn Wing Boost 2 Plus Fans

– EK-7950 – Acetal+EN (Nickel) Waterblock
– EK Supremacy CPU Liquid Cooling Block – Acetal + Nickel
– EK- X3 250 Liquid Cooling Reservoir
– EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-TOP CSQ Pump – Acetal
– PrimoChilll 1/2″ PETG 16 36″ tubes
– 1 360 and 1 120 EK PE Rads
– Redharbinger EK 250 Reservoir Cover
– Mayhems Coolants and dyes

Custom Mods
– Custom Airbrushing on outside of case
– Custom green and purple PSU sleeving
– Custom anodized screws and bolts
– Custom vinyl on the motherboard
– Custom vinyl Riddler design on fans
– Custom vinyl on SSD
– Custom vinly on EK badges, GPU block, Res Brackets and Memory
– Custom rigid tubing
– Custom watercooling loop

Build Log:

Builder: TechPuppet

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