China to Restrict Gaming time to 3 Hours Per Week for Minors

According to China’s National Press and Publication Administration the Chinese government will be imposing limits on online gaming for minors. Anyone who is under 18 will be limited to 3 hours of online gaming per week, from 8PM to 9PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With these new set of restrictions China hopes to tackle addiction to online games.

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So how will China actually be able to limit gaming time? They will rely on game companies to use real-name-based registration systems. This has already been happening in China as Tencent started using this system in 2018 to limit play time on Honor of Kings, a very popular mobile game.

Users have to go through an ID verification process which means that you can only have one account associated with your real name. It seems that China will be checking to see if game companies comply with these restrictions.

Via TechCrunch

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