CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review

The CM Storm Havoc software is pretty straight forward and simple. On the Main page you are able to set up your controls and buttons for the CM Storm Havoc. Here we are able to reprogram every button on the mouse to do something else. On the bottom you are able to set up your profiles and also include a image for your profile as long as it is 42×42 Pixels in size.


Now that we have moved on to the Advanced tab, we can see there is some pretty detailed settings here for DPI levels and also LED lighting with a few different choices of color for lighting. One of the other things we can see here is that you can turn up the OS Sensitivity and also double click speed. To the right hand side there is a double click area where you can test the CM Storm Havoc double clicks to make sure it is how you like your settings.


Macros are great for anyone who likes to play MMOs or RPGs. Cooler Master made sure to have a very detailed macro section. Here you can set up basically almost any macro settings you can think of. You can even use the record feature to record macros of key presses from keyboard as well.


Under the Profiles tab we can see all the profiles for the CM Storm Havoc and which ones are being stored on the onboard memory. You can also import and export your profiles if you have a friend who wants your profiles or you want to use theirs.


Under the library you are able to see your Macro lists for the library and also the different profiles. In case you want to use a macro from a different profile.


The Support tab is what it is labeled. It lets you know what you need to do if you need to contact Cooler Master it also recommends trying out or looking on the CM Storm Support forums for some help first.