CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review

The CM Storm Havoc has one of the nicest side grips I have felt on a mouse in a while. The side rubber grip has vertical lines which gives you a nice solid grip without having to re-adjust your hands while playing games. The first few days of testing I have used the CM Storm Havoc on my work pc. I set up a few macros to use for copy and pasting stuff as I have been doing too much work moving stuff in and out of Excel. With the easy to setup macros and also the extra button on the side of the CM Storm Havoc It really made it easy to do without dramatically changing the whole button layout of the mouse. What one little extra button can do and change for one person is so amazing.

As normal I test out everything with the current games and other games most people still play. The games we will be covering during this review and testing are Titanfall, CS:GO , Elder Scrolls Online and also Wildstar. The CM Storm Havoc really shined for me while I was using it to play FPS games like Titanfall and also CS:GO as the Avago 9800 Sensor is very advanced. The Avago 9800 Sensor has amazing tracking and never missed a beat at all. I have used the CM Storm Havoc on a Control mouse pad and also a Speed mouse pad. Each has their own perks. I am however a big fan of using the CM Storm Havoc with the Speed mouse pad. One of the other nice things is the DPI up and down were right under the scroll wheel so you can change your DPI on the fly. This is great while playing certain games.

The CM Storm Havoc has been a great mouse and still being used to this day on my work PC as it is very comfortable to use for long periods of time. However one of the only things I dislike about the CM Storm Havoc is the scroll wheel. It is rubber with no patterns or grooves and is mounted on a single track of the scroll wheel which seems to have some room in the track and it allows it to slide back and forth and when doing quick scrolling it seems to be all out of adjustment. One of the other neat things you can do is change the color of the Cm Storm Havoc to a wide range of colors. This should be great for people trying to match certain color setups for their gaming rigs and gear.

Currently you can find the CM Storm Havoc online for around $55 at most retailers online. Overall Thinkcomputers gives the CM Storm Havoc an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Software
– Different Color Settings
– Comfortable

– Scroll wheel Rubber