CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Some people will point out that the standard roll-over limit on CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Keyboard is only 6 keys. The keyboard features a mode for full NKRO (Normal Key Roll Over) but it’s difficult to test if it actually works. They would say that a keyboard with this low standard of a roll-over can’t be used on the highest level of gaming competition. To those people I’d like to say what’s your APM? I currently boast an APM around 180 in select games and I’ve never had an APM issue with the Quick Fire Pro. It makes me laugh when I read specs on keyboards that say things like 18 key roll-over. I only have 10 fingers. 10.

I do wish the Quick Fire Pro had a USB port of some kind seeing that it’s become pretty much a standard for keyboards in this price range but with things like Dedicated individual LED’s for illumination purpose and a removable braided USB cable it’s easier for me to over look.

The only real issue I have with the Quick Fire Pro is the lack of software and the need to keep that user guide around. Unless you have a photographic memory you’ll see yourself going to the CM Storm website to download the user guide when you lose your physical copy. The software is not as important because I can see Cooler Master releasing some kind of input software in the future. Everyone else is doing it (Sorry Mom).

Cooler Master hit the nail on the head when focusing on the important (and I can’t emphasize important enough) aspects of a gaming keyboard. People underestimate the layout of a keyboard. They think that moving the “Backslash” key or making the “Enter” key a different size won’t have any effect of how people feel about the input device they’re using. They’re wrong. The layout the Quick Fire Pro is perfect. The people over at Cooler Master found a way to actually add keys to the keyboard and not sacrifice the positioning of the original layout. Of all the keyboards I’ve reviewed for this is the first one to embrace the idea that this is a keyboard first and a gaming tool second.

Regardless of a couple of hiccups, Cooler Master has one hell of a product on their hands. A precedent that was first set by a LAN Party prize mouse has just been carried to the next level with the Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Keyboard.  You can pick up this keyboard at my favorite online retailer for $99.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

·         Solid Construction
·         Perfect Key Layout
·         Illuminated Gaming Keys
·         Key Switch Type Selection
·         No Software
·         No USB Port