CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Arming the gaming revolution is a phrase Cooler Master coined when debuting the CM Storm brand. The first CM Storm product I had the joy of using was the Spawn gaming mouse. I won the Spawn gaming mouse at the largest LAN party the state of NJ has ever had the privilege of hosting, The GXL. If you’ve ever seen the Spawn mouse it looks quite the opposite of impressive. It comes in a small box and is cheaply priced. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. When I first opened the product I thought I was looking at another gimmicky product and if you’ve ever read any of the reviews in the past you know how I feel about products like that. It reminded me of a bear claw, yes, the pastry. After about 5 minutes of use on my work laptop my opinion couldn’t have been more different compared to the moment the box was originally handed to me. The Spawn is one hell of a gaming mouse. By far, the best $40 mouse I’ve ever used. So, when Bob asked me to take a look at the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard I was very enthusiastic about the opportunity.

I don’t have much history with Cooler Master’s line of products and only thing that I consistently purchased from Cooler Master was aftermarket CPU coolers, considered to be some of the best in the industry. But, now that all these component companies are diving full force into the gaming peripheral market and I’m truly excited to see what the “Storm” will bring (pun intended).

If you’d like to take a look at the un-boxing video for the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard you can check it out right here:

Right from the get-go the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (QFP) catches your eye. Talk about a box that pops. Cooler master did their marketing homework when they designed the Quick Fire Pro box. They could have had a $5 keyboard in that box and I still would have picked it up off the shelf due to the shear pop this box has. The front shows the keyboard in all its electric glory and the back, like all keyboard boxes, lists all the features the unit has.

·         Mechanical CHERRY MX switches
·         USB 2.0 full speed
·         NKRO in USB mode
·         Multimedia shortcuts
·         1000Hz/1ms response time
·         Windows key disabled in game mode
·         Partial Red LED backlight
·         Removable braided USB cable with cable routing

Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard

The box contains 4 main pieces and parts. First, a standard key cover removal tool. Second, is a user guide that I’ll show to be quite important later on in this review. Third, is the braided REMOVEABLE USB cable. Lastly and most importantly is the keyboard itself.

Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard