CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Testing
I found the several different DPI settings very intriguing, the high (8200 DPI) I found so fast, my brain couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with it and the low (200 DPI) just to slow (except playing a sniper in a shooter).  My standard all day (when not playing games) mouse DPI is 4000.

The weight system is very new to me, I still currently have all five weights installed on the mouse, but I think I understand the concept of the weight system, and will be making the mouse lighter sometime in the future, but honestly all in all, I’m happy with the five weights.

The OLED is really cool, you can include your own .bmp logo which is honestly a pretty unique and custom solution for a personal gaming mouse.  The light system is standard, but the great thing is, it’s not too bright, so at night, you rarely see a light pulsating off of it.  The eight buttons on the mouse are placed in great spots, great for MMORPG’s and other games.

To give you the best form of a review for a gaming mouse, I want to tell you how the game reacts to certain styles of games.  I played top games like Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic, and to throw in one more MMORPG, I played the Free to Play Lord of the Rings Online.  Here is the quick breakdown for each game and my thoughts on how well the mouse preformed:

Battlefield 3:
Since this was the first shooter I played w/ the mouse, I was all over the place.  I had to adjust the DPI settings a few times to find the right spot for each type of weapon.  I found when using the sniper rifle, the low DPI setting was awesome cause you’re barely moving, and the ‘quick-to-act’ was pretty awesome.

Modern Warfare 3:
Now since this shooter is a little more faster than BF3, I had to adjust some DPI settings again, but not to much, all-in-all almost the same DPI settings was still accurate.  Not much change when switching from BF3 to MW3, but a higher DPI probably is a little best for MW3 since the pace of the game is faster and you’re always moving the camera to check surroundings.

Star Wars the Old Republic:
When playing one of my favorite MMORPG’s, I was honestly going in knowing this mouse would deliver, and in a big way it did.  When playing PvP as as assassin, I’m always moving the camera around cause I need to keep moving while attacking, and with the DPI set at 5200, I was shocked on how smoother and fluid it was.  I believe I’m playing a lot better with this mouse, the smoothness of the mouse/camera was by far incredible.  I had to assign my buttons to my play-style, but that didn’t cause any negative effect, buttons work great.

Lord of the Rings Online:
This was honestly my very first MMORPG back in the day.  The game has come a long way.  When playing another assassin type character, I really honestly forgot about changing the DPI settings, why? Cause I didn’t need to, the transition was honestly perfect.  I had zero problems, had to adjust the keys again, but that’s like setting up anything new anyways, flawless transition when playing different MMORPG’s.