Colorful Reveals iGame Vulcan PC With Hidden Z790 Motherboard, Z890 Version Coming Soon Too

Chinese tech company Colorful is expanding its product line beyond GPUs by introducing pre-built systems for its iGame Neptune and iGame Vulcan series. Additionally, the iGame Mini and MEOW systems will be showcased.


According to Colorful’s press release, the iGame systems feature high-end components. The Vulcan-themed system includes a Z790D5 Vulcan motherboard and Colorful’s Vulcan RGB memory operating at 7200 MT/s. It also comes with an all-in-one liquid cooler and a 1000W Vulcan power supply from Colorful’s Vulcan series. These will be Colorful’s first PCs themed around individual series.

The Neptune-themed system stands out with its open-frame chassis and pre-installed Z790 Neptune motherboard, cleverly concealed beneath a special cover, leaving only the memory modules and PCIe riser connector visible. This system also features an all-in-one CPU cooling solution and accommodates the iGame RTX 4090 Neptune AIO cooling kit.


Colorful has announced plans to support next-gen Intel Core CPUs with new Vulcan and Neptune motherboards.

With Intel anticipated to unveil its Z890 chipset at Computex soon, Colorful might showcase these new boards at the event next week. Unfortunately, in the Neptune PC case, the motherboard itself will not be visible.


Via Videocardz