Construct Your Own TV Lift with the Help of Linear Actuator

Automated TV lifts are not new. They have been available for quite a long period, but they have always been considered as s sign of wealth if not luxury. Thus, many people would not consider them for their homes.

Now though, you can reduce the cost of your TV lift significantly by making it on your own. Constructing your own TV bring significant benefits besides cost. For example, you can design your TV lift so that it fits into the interior, you can customize it based on many criteria.

Prepare the Needed Items

To make your own TV lifts, you need some technical skills and tools. Those are:

  • A linear actuator bracket kit;
  • A remote control;
  • A transformer (120v to 12v);
  • Plywood.

Select the Needed Actuator

When choosing an actuator, make sure you consider the weight of your TV with a frame. You will need an item that is able to lift at least 50% more than the weight of the construction with a TV set. Check what stroke length your actuator shall have to lift the construction to the needed position and to adjust it according to your wish. Select an item that has a stroke length longer than the movement distance. It is an advantage if your actuator is equipped with limit switches. They will facilitate the installation procedure.

Check if the needed actuator comes with a bracket kit or you need to get the entire installation on your own. Established manufacturers always offer options.

Select the Switch

If you are buying a single system, all the needed components are included. Thus, you don’t need to worry about separate components. Though if you are buying every single component, make sure your switch is suitable for a 12v actuator. You might need a power adaptor, too. If you feel that the electric part might be too complex, hire a specialized electrician to do it for you.

Install Your Actuator

Center the actuator behind the TV. Install it. All the studs are usually included in a set, and the actuator shall already have pre-drilled holes. The bracket of the actuator shall protrude from the wall. Now, locate the actuator up-wise. Its upper position shall be maximally close to the enclosure top.

Make an Automated Door and a Mounting Plate

Your TV will be closed when you aren’t watching it. Thus, make a nice door. Between the TV and the actuator, install a mounting plate. You can use plywood for both the door and the mounting plate. When installed, operate the TV lift carefully to make sure everything moves smoothly.

Finishing Up

Now, you can polish and paint the TV lift. You can choose any color you want. Check once more all the studs and nuts. Arrange the wiring. Tie the cables and wires so that the TV completely moves up and down without being tangled in them. Now, you can use it.

With some knowledge and the necessary parts, you can have your automated TV lift ready within one day.