Cooler Master Shows off Dual Pump AIO at Computex

Cooler Master seems to be taking things to the next level this year at Computex with their all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling solutions. One of the more interesting products definitely has to be their ML240P Dual Mirage, which feature not one-but two pumps!

cm ml240p dual mirage 4

The two pumps on the ML240P Dual Mirage are set above the CPU socket so you have clearance for memory. These two pumps work in tandem to move coolant faster along throughout the loop, which should result in better cooling.

Cooler Master is still sort of messing around with the design, they have not decided on whether to run one pump in push and one pump in pull or just run both in parallel. The cooler definitely looks awesome though! It is expected to hit the market later this year for around $200.

Via Kit Guru, Gear Seakers

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