In Win Adds ARGB LED Array to 309 Case

Last year at Computex In Win showed off their 307 case, which had a 144-pixel display on the front. Well In Win is back this year with the 309, which has an upgraded front panel with ARGB LEDs. Instead of the diffused look that we saw on the 307, the 309 has a tempered glass front panel.

COMPUTEX 2019 InWin 21

The front display is made up of 8 x 18 LED arrays, which you can customize with In Win’s Glow 2 software. There are quite a lot of built-in effects, but you can also create your own custom design, or even have the display react to music.

COMPUTEX 2019 InWin 20

Inside the case is very much like the 307, but you do get three of In Win’s EGO fans, which include 16 RGBs in each. The case supports up to seven fans as well as multiple radiators. On the side of the case you’ll find a USB 3.1 gen 2 type-C port as well as two USB 3.1 gen 1 type-A ports.

COMPUTEX 2019 InWin 16

The case is expected to release with a price around $200-$225.

Via Xfastest

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