Cooler Master V850 850W Modular Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
I’ve always been a fan of Cooler Master power supplies. It was Cooler Master’s Real Power Pro series that really made me go, “Wow!” when I first opened the box up. While Cooler Master has really expanded their product line since then one of their strongest products are still power supplies. With companies like Corsair and be quiet! emerging with quality power supplies many people may have forgot about Cooler Master, but the V-Series is here to change that.

When it comes to any type of electrical device the most important part is the components and Cooler Master has gone with some really quality parts inside of the V-Series. You have all Japanese capacitors, most of which are solid capacitors, then you have a high quality 42 mm transformer. This gives you the great performance that we saw in our tests. I have not seen a power supply be 100% solid on the 12V rail in a while! All of the rails were under 1% voltage regulation during our tests, which is very impressive. It is good to see a company concentrate on quality components rather than gimmicks or extras to sell their units.

On top of the great voltage regulation this power supply is 80PLUS Gold certified. That means you will see 90% efficiency at 50% load and 87% efficiency at 100% load. This power supply is design with a single powerful 12V rail and as you saw from our test that rail performed the best. The 135 mm fan was very quiet, even during our load testing. Cooler Master also made this unit 100% modular, that means you only use the cables that you need, which leads to less cable mess in your system.

The V-Series is made up of the 700W, 850W and 1000W units. The 850W unit is currently selling at my favorite online retailer for $169.99. Given the performance that is a good price! Cooler Master is also backing all of the V-Series power supplies with 5 year warranties. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master V850 850W Modular Power Supply a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Quality components
– SOLID 12V rail
– Under 1% voltage regulation on all of the rails
– 100% modular
– 5 year warranty
– 80PLUS Gold certified

– None that I found

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