Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Gaming Mouse & MM1000 Mouse Pad Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using the Dark Core RGB SE in combination with the MM1000 for about a month now and I do have to say they really are the perfect combination!

Let’s go ahead and talk about the mouse first. The performance of the Dark Core RGB SE is great! I have mainly been playing a lot of Fortnite with the mouse and I have yet to notice any lag. That of course is the biggest fear with using a wireless mouse for gaming. Honestly I could not even tell the difference between using the mouse wired or wireless. On top of that the mouse is extremely comfortable and I am a big fan on the dimpled rubber coating on the palm and thumb rests. The mouse has some decent weight to it as I feel it sits comfortably between heavy mice and lighter mice.

Corsair’s CUE software works quite well and it is very easy to remap the buttons on the mouse, change lighting effects, and setup macros. While I still feel CUE falls behind software like the SteelSeries Engine it is still one of the better gaming pieces of software for gaming peripherals.

The MM1000 is overall a really good mouse pad. It is large enough for different play styles and the micro-textured surface allows for your mouse to glide across it effortlessly. Having the Qi charger built in means that you can easily charge the Dark Core RGB SE or any device that supports Qi charging. This definitely came in handy with my iPhone X, no when I start my day I always place my phone on the charger so it stays charged all day. The MM1000 also gives you an extra USB port, which is also a good thing to have right on your desk. The big caveat to the MM1000 is that it is $79.99, which is a lot to pay for a mouse pad. I mean the Dark Core RGB SE is only $10 more than that.

There are actually two different versions of the Dark Core, you have the Dark Core RGB (no Qi charging) and the Dark Core RGB SE, which does have the wireless charging. The $10 difference really is not a big deal. If you plan on getting the MM1000 I would get the SE version of the mouse.

Overall the Dark Core RGB SE Gaming Mouse and MM1000 Mouse Pad are the perfect combination.

– Completely wireless gaming
– Qi charging built into the MM1000
– Long battery life
– Easy to use sofware
– Extra USB port on MM1000
– Very comfortable
– Can be used wired or wirelessly

– Price of the MM1000

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